what i am...???

Once upon a time, I,
dreamt I was a butterfly,
flittering hither and thither,
to all intents and purposes a butterfly.....
suddenly I awoke......
Now I do not know whether
I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly,
whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

setting wifi in ubuntu for dell vostro 1400 with dell wireless card

there is no specific wifi card driver in ubuntu 8.04 for dell vostro 1400. so we have to install the windows driver with ndiswrapper. but ndiswrapper can only be used in terminal. so we have to install the gui version named ndisgtk.

following are the steps in installing these things

  1. open synaptic package manager
  2. search ndisgtk. if it is found then skip the steps 3 to 7
  3. if not found open settings>Repositories
  4. open the tab Third-party software
  5. select the two items and close the window
  6. press ctrl+r
  7. after completing the download, search for ndisgtk
  8. select it and press ctrl+p to download it
  9. after installing, close synaptic package manager
  10. download this link and save the file in a folder.
  11. now open terminal and go to the newly made folder
  12. type unzip and press tab button to show an .exe name and press enter
  13. now type sudo ndisgtk. you have to type the password here
  14. press install new driver and browse to the driver folder inside our newly made folder
  15. open the 32 bit folder or 64 bit folder as your ubuntu 32/64 bit
  16. select the inf file found there
  17. press install
  18. close ndisgtk
  19. type sudo iwlist scanning
  20. most probably you will get the wifi connectivity

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